Why Write About Calculus?

CalculusI did great in by business calculus class in college. I failed Algebra but Business Calc, that was a breeze. It just goes to show that you don’t really have to know much about math to do well in math you just have to be willing to do the homework, learn the formulas and enjoy the teacher’s random soliloquies in the middle of class. These are the three prerequisites for doing well in any college class.

If you’re struggling with calculus, maybe you’re just wondering why the heck you’re taking calculus when you could be enjoying a slice of pizza in the cafeteria, the answer is always to remember you’re just trying to make graphs with curves, dips and spikes easier to record in numerical values. This may seem like a frustration but for Business Calculus this was most useful for those who were considering a future in the stock market. Projections and historical graphic representations are greatly improve by the use of calculus.

If you can’t find a reason outside of this consider this, much of the graphic design programing that is done has to incorporate heavy amounts of calculus to allow you to create vector art. The pen tools and shape tools are using many forms of math to calculate and display the beautiful work you are creating for the internet to store and eventually lose when your site host goes down due to poor management or a loss of world power – whichever comes first.

Calculus Is Infinite

You can incorporate your love for calculus into any measuring instance. Let’s say you want to track your sons growth or you would like to measure the frequency of burps over time with an acute eye for detail. Statistics are a huge part of our life and while none of them encompass the entirety of an events factors using calculus is a great asset when charting the acquired raw data.

So here’s three cheers for the mathematical practice known as calculating. Calculus is the result of great minds like Barrow, Descartes and Pascal. How could we neglect thanking these great minds as we plug our computers in in the morning and enjoy the study of physics as we admire bridges, load bearing vehicles and the city planning.

Can you believe we have so many things that have been positively affected by calculus. So let us not be derivative in our thanks but come up with creative ways in which we might integrate our thanksgivings to math and the creators of calculus.

Here’s a great tribute to a teacher who makes Calculus Cool in California:



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