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algebraCalculus is one of the most feared subjects among students pursuing higher education in mathematics. Since calculus blends impeccably in different streams of science such as engineering and physics, students taking up these streams in their higher education necessarily have to go through the subject of calculus. Most students seek online calculus courses to gain a better understanding of the concepts and complete homework efficiently.An advanced area of math such as calculus involves many procedures and concepts that are not easily grasped on the first attempt. Students of calculus need to revisit concepts and spend time solving a variety of problems and exercises. An online tutoring class can offer rigorous practice in solving calculus problems, preparing for tests, finishing assignments, and it can assist students in thoroughly understanding the concepts of calculus.

Types of Online Calculus Tutoring

Online calculus tutoring can be classified into two types:

1. Live One-on-One Online Tutoring: The student and the tutor are connected through the Internet, enabling interactive sessions. Communication takes place through on-screen whiteboards and audio-visual multimedia software, enabling the student to get personal attention from the tutor. Sessions are designed in a way that suits the student’s personal learning style.

2. Non-live or Normal Online Tutoring: Students and teachers exchange e-mail and no real-time or live communication takes place. Questions, answers and assignments are communicated through e-mails. Though this is a cost effective online tutoring method, the live tutoring method is much more effective than the non-live method.

How to Get Maximum Benefits from Online Calculus Tutoring 

Here are some tips for obtaining the best results from an online calculus tutoring class:

1. Reviewing Algebra: Calculus needs a solid base of algebra. A student who is out of practice in algebra should brush up in this subject, as calculus involves complex algebraic processes. It is also beneficial to brush up on pre-calculus.

2. Enroll with a company that suits your needs: Certain tutoring companies follow a standard curriculum for each grade. However, the academic level and strengths of each student may vary widely; ideally, each student would be provided with a customized curriculum attuned to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Do not fall behind: Given the complex nature of calculus concepts, and the extent to which the more advanced build upon the more basic ones, it is crucial that the student not fall behind. Students should have as a high priority keeping up-to-date with all the quizzes and assignments.

4. Get assistance whenever you need it: Students should not hesitate to get queries resolved as and when they occur. It is also helpful to keep a printed book on the subject at hand, to look up formulate as and use when needed.


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